News update July
Dear Community, Time for a long awaited update! 

Patch 2.1 will go live on Sunday 16th of July. In addition to this, we decided to reduce the required reputation for Heroic Dungeons from "Revered" to "Honored". 

Crossfaction raiding will be enabled allowing you to raid with Alliance & Horde players.This will also include being able to PVP against your own faction.

ZA Scheduled for release in the near future.

Apologies for the downtime, we are still working tirelessly to restore stability to the Hellfire II realm. In the meantime we have the realm running on spare hardware which we hope will suffice in the...
Cross faction raiding poll.
Hi all, Cross faction raiding has been a hot topic lately within the player community and has been discussed by many people on Discord. As a result of these discussions and internal discussions withi...
Server back
We have been speaking with our hosts and it has come to light we have a hardware failure on our servers box. They are currently working on the issue however no estimated fix time has been given to us....
Server ONLINE again
Hello everyone. The cause of the downtime has been identified. The server hosting the Hellfire II realm has suffered a hardware fault and will be unavailable until further notice. We hope to get the r...
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