HellfireTBC - Changelog (Bug fixes and other)
Changelog June 2017

  • Elemental Melee Attacks can not be blocked
  • Instance Time Implementation
  • Fixed Extractor Compilation under Linux
  • Removed Magic DurationIndex Value Numbers
  • Set Arena Points Rate to x2
  • Added RaF Option to Core

Class Mechanics:

  • Add Shiv to proc Seal Fate
  • Cloak of Shadows - Despell Energy Feedback / Gronn Lord's Grasp


  • Add missing spawns in the Scourge Base in Hyjal Summit
  • Fixed some linking on the way to teron gorefiend
  • Deleted some Spawns which are supposed to be the ones pulled during the Nightbane Encounter
  • Improved Tidewalker Morogrim
  • Improvements to Netherspite Script (Netherbreath Facing, Aggro Reset, Aggro Range, VoidZones, more prenerf)

  • Improvements to Halazzi Script
  • Kil'jeaden Phase 1/2 Transition with Emerge Animation
  • Added Prenerf Soulcharge Silence for Archimonde


  • Fix Blood Guard Porung Linking which was broken on nonheroic
  • Improvements to Nethekurse Script
  • Improved Nethermancer Sepethrea


  • Add StealthInvis Detect to Darkweaver Syth
  • Correct Pathing for Elementalist Yal'hah
  • Adjust General Twinbraid Damage
  • Improve Loottable for Auchenai Monk
  • Correct Ragnaros Damageschool
  • Improve Unchained Doombringer (NH+HC) Loottables
  • ReGUID Fishing Extravaganza Npcs
  • Updated Skettis with most recent sniff Data
  • Improve Incandescent Fel Spark
  • Added alot of creature movement
  • Added missing elemental damage schools to some npcs
  • Script Quest 10896 in Database
  • Corrected Text in Westfall Script
  • Added Abilities for Enraged Spirits


  • Add Missing GO The Prince's Chest
  • (Re)enabled chests in azeroth


  • Increase Freshly Drawn Blood Dropchance
  • Fix Shattered Necklace Dropchance
  • Readd Design: Steady Talisite
  • Make Plans: Annihilator obtainable
  • Prepared S2 Vendor without "all" Rating Requirement
  • Set Midsummer Sausage to 5x Stack and Set Duration to Event Food
  • Remove Restocktime of Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber

Changelog May 2017
General Mechanics:

  • Release Daily PvP and PvP Turn in Quest
  • Respecc Token
  • Fix Minimap Option for Track Class & Profession Trainer for all(most) npcs
  • Bandages dont consum if Debuff is present
  • Disable channel invites for Lowlevel
  • Some Enhancements to Deserteur Debuff Mechanic


  • Improvements to Movement, Maps and Stability

Class Mechanics:

  • Mitigate Infernal Abuse
  • Add Deadly Throw to be affected by Cold Blood
  • Holy Nova should not generate threat


  • Add Script Texts for some Karazhan Script Enhancements
  • Shadow of Leotheras 21875 Taunt Immune
  • Despawn Birds on Akil'Zon Bosskill
  • Adjusted Lady Vashj Aggro Range
  • Remove Invisibility of Lurker when Dying in submerge Phase
  • SSC: Improved Bridge Script Behavior after Restart/Crash
  • Amanishi Scouts nonpullable while on invis path.
  • Restless Skeleton now have their Prenerf Immolation Aura


  • Correct Epoch Hunter HC Loottable
  • Activate Epic Gems in Heroics
  • Tavarok Mining Loot


  • Improve Quest: A Necessary Distraction
  • Stalk the Stalker should be available for both factions
  • Improve Quest Taken in the Night
  • Improve Quest: The Warp Rifts 
  • Reinsert the Quest: The Dread Relic
  • Improve Quest: Gauging the Resonant Frequency
  • Scripted Quest - Frankly, It Makes No Sense...
  • Added Script Support for Item: Vine Seeds


  • Crab "Crawlers" learned to swim
  • Resolve Faction Issue with Furious Mr. Pinchy
  • Remove Ranged Combat Movement from EAI (Shattered Hand Houndmaster,Murkblood Spearman,Sargeron Archer,Ortor of Murkblood,Auchenai Soulpriest,Cabal Ritualist,Wyrmcult Poacher)
  • Made Edwina Monzor Idle
  • Implemented AI Restless Skeleton Despawn OOC
  • Enhance Demon Hunter Supplicant AI and Prevent Movement Exploit
  • Imported alot of EAI Scripts for Classic Creatures from official ACID
  • Update Critter Npc Health
  • Reduce Aqueous Lord Damage
  • Correct Moonstalker Runt Level
  • Enhanced AI for Son of Cenarius 4057 and Treant Ally 5806
  • Correct Pet Learn Spell for Dire Raven 
  • Update AI for Parched Hydra,Withered Bog Lord,Withered Giant
  • Implemented AI for Farahlon Giant and Farahlon Breaker
  • Added alot of Pathing to Netherstorm
  • Sunfury Hold Tents/Ballistas Trigger Consumption
  • Improvement for Area Eclipse Point  in Shadowmoon Valley


  • Improvements to Halaa Bomb Spell
  • Decrease Restocktime for Formula: Enchant Shield - Major Stamina, Formula: Runed Eternium Rod, Pattern: Imbued Netherweave Tunic and Pattern: Imbued Netherweave Robe Formula: Superior Wizard Oil
  • Set Duration to Orcish Orphan Whistle
  • Increased Droprate of Pattern: Whitemend Pants Drop
  • Remove Sergeant Items from Horde Vendor
  • Improved Drain Schematics Dropchance
  • Implementing Recipe: Major Dreamless Sleep Potion
  • Increase Gorefiend's Truncheon Dropchance

Changelog April 2017
Changelog April 2017


  • Greatly improved pathfinding on slopes / hills
  • Pathfinding: Updated maps, including custom changes for Ruins of Lordaeron and Blade's Edge Arena. Greatly Improves overall pathfinding reliablity & performance

  • Prevent various summon npc abuses
  • Increased Needed Playercount to 8 for Battlegrounds because of Premade Abuse
  • The spam report system has been improved and now directly informs GMs of unwanted chat behaviour, spammers, and scammers.
  • The auto-unstuck command (.start) has been improved and will now help you if you are stuck in the void.
  • The anticheat has been greatly improved.
  • Prevented several exploits caused by third party software.
  • Resolved the issue where players would sometimes die when entering certain portals.
  • Skinning loot is no longer lost when closing the loot window before picking up the skin.
  • Hotfixed BG AFK Report kick timer to 5 min to prevent players getting kicked before match starts. We are planning on reworking this system further.
  • Zone Buffs can no longer somehow stay on a player while leaving the Zone


  • Implemented Casttime Immunities for certain Maulgar Bossfight Units
  • Melees can no longer outrange Hurtful Strike.


  • Roar is immune to Horror Effects Prenerf
  • Fleshbeasts now have correct Respawntimer
  • Shade of Aran: Chains of Ice will no longer be broken by Aran's own spells
  • Shade of Aran: Fixed the slow effect of Blizzard. The only blindspot is now the middle of the room.
  • Shade of Aran: Fixed Pyroblast & Arcane Missiles Damage
  • Shade of Aran: Fixed Water Elemental Summoning sometimes not occuring in a Fight.
  • Shade of Aran: Respawn Linking
  • Prevent Ethereal Thief Closet Abuse
  • Force Manashield Cast of Arcane Anomalies to prevent them from sometimes being invincible permanently.


  • Underbog Colossus can no longer be interrupted by any means.


  • Restored a Steamvault Patrol
  • Add Coilfang Myrmidon MC Immunity
  • Fixed an issue where Ambassador Hellmaw in Shadow Labyrinth would not let you zone into the instance after a wipe. (Encounter in progress)


  • In certain scenarios players were losing quest rewards if their inventory was full at the time of quest hand-in. Quest rewards will now be sent to the in-game mailbox in these scenarios.

  • Improve Script for Quest Fire at Will!
  • The following quests are now completable in a group as intended: Matis the Cruel (9711), True Masters of the Light (9737), HELP! (9923), Corki's Gone Missing Again! (9924), Cho'war the Pillager (9955), Dimensius the All-Devouring (10439)
  • The following quests have been fixed and are now working as intended: Shizz Work (10629), Administering the Salve (9447), Fire At Will! (10911), A Dire Situation (10506), The Sleeper Has Awakened (5321), The Attack (434), The Missing Diplomat (1249)
  • Khadgar's Servant (City of Light) should no longer despawn before completing the quest.
  • Fixed quest: Gauging the Resonant Frequency


  • Various Movement Scripts
  • Various improvements to npc AI LOS
  • Improve Cannon Behavior
  • Fix some Water Creatures perma Evading
  • Increase some Spider Speed
  • Prevent Voidwalker / Succubus stacking
  • Improved Script for Val'zareq the Conqueror
  • Improved AutoDamage of extreme lowlevel creatures
  • Improved Stonegazer Respawn
  • Improved Elemental Plateau Npc Immunities
  • Prevent Zuluhed Stacking
  • Remove Fishing Rod from Godan
  • Enhance Spectral Performer AI
  • Cleanup Dublicate Rogue Spawns in SHH
  • Removed Static Spawn for Mutanus the Devourer & Ishamuhale
  • Enhanced AI of 8996,5617,5615
  • Reduce Sharth Voldoun Respawntime
  • Enhanced Wastewander Npc AI
  • Completed Mar'nah Npc Isle of QD
  • Alterac Valley Npc Update
  • Enhanced Area 52 Death Machine
  • Removed bugged Spell from Deathforge Tinkerer


  • Stratholme Loot Crates
  • Reduced Respawntime of The Underspore
  • Removed some Duplicate Gos in UBRS / SSC
  • Improve Progressrate on Skilling Lockpicking


  • Restore Sellprice for Instant 60 Items
  • Adjust Item Recipe: Transmute Primal Might Restock & Pattern: Heavy Knothide Leather Timer, Formula: Runed Adamantite Rod
  • Increased Pristine Black Diamond Drop Chance
  • Improve Halaa Bombs
  • Increase Dropchance of Mote of Shadows from Voidcreatures in Netherstorm
  • Restore Sellprice of some bags


  • Stability Fixes in regards to maps have been deployed

Class Mechanics:

  • Mage: Clearcasting will now be consumed correctly.
  • Remove unneeded spell_proc_event for Molten Armor
  • Hunter: Pet experience gain has been adjusted to ensure your pet levels up alongside you.
  • Horror effects will no longer break on damage.
  • Periodic dispels (such as Abolish Poison) now last for their intended duration, even if there is nothing to dispel
  • Throwing Weapons now have a slight cast time as intended.
  • Add Nature's Grasp & Regrowth to Druids Subtlety Talent
  • Seal of Vengeance now correctly deals bonus damage on 5 stacks.
  • Elemental Shaman: Elemental Mastery consumption fixed. It will no longer be consumed by spells that were already cast when the player gains the buff.
  • Fixed Manatap

Changelog March 2017
Changelog March 2017


  • Hellfire Progressive Launch
  • Implemented Faction queue
  • Fixed a bug where npcs didnt have their correct movement speed
  • Completely reworked vanilla ore spawns
  • Auth Server Fix

Black Temple:

  • Gurtokk Bloodboil Enhancement


  • Corrected Tidalvess Totemtimers
  • Fixed Trash Mushroom Ability
  • Fixed Vashj Sporebat AI
  • Lurker Visual Bug & Whirl Range

TK The Eye:

  • Kaelthas - Fixed Diminishing Return for Remote Toy


  • Implemented Gruul Blizzlike Aggro Range


  • Aran - Prenerf Implementation
  • Attumen - improved encounter procedure
  • Arcane Anomaly & Syphoner AI improvement


  • Old Hillsbrad Foothills - Prenerf Patrol Pathing Fix
  • Blood Furnace - Reduced Broggok Heroic Melee Damage
  • Black Morass - Implemented Temporus Mortal Wound bound to his Spellhaste Ability
  • Blood Furnace - Proximity Bomb Damage
  • Hellfire Ramparts - Omor Prenerf
  • Underbog - Fixed Hungarfen Mushrooms
  • Blood Furnace - Door Opening
  • Blood Furnace - Shadow Summoner AI Improvement
  • Hellfire Ramparts - Watchkeeper Gargolmar Prenerf


  • Reworked Bloodmyst & Azuremyst Isle
  • Alot other Vanilla Zones got polished (Thanks for the Feedback!)


  • Fixed group completion and enhanced the script for Matis the Cruel
  • Fixed group completion for True Masters of the Light
  • Fixed The Sleeper Has Awakened


  • Battleground Emissary AIs
  • Captain Fairmount Modelid
  • Princess Behavior
  • Scripted Rekk'Tilac / Mazzranache
  • Added ai scripts to a large number of creatures in Azeroth


  • Complete Ghost Mushroom Pooling
  • Complete Vanilla Ores Pooling
  • Karazhan / Sethekk Door Logout/Login
  • Ashara Chest Abuse
  • Fixed an issue where chests would sometimes not restock correctly


  • Set the-high-chiefs-key to party loot


  • Alot of Stability Fixes (Grid / Pathfinding/ Database )

Class Mechanics:

  • PetAI - Pets cant follow anymore when incapacitated (go through pillars and such)
  • Fixed First Summon the Pet Issue (where pet didnt work when you summon it for the first time)
  • Hunter - Bestial Wrath Abuse fixed

Changelog February 2017
Changelog February 2017

Black Temple & Hyjal:

  • Akama Add Ai and some Akama Script improvements
  • Update Disarm Immunities in T6 [email protected]
  • Linking Improvement in BT(very minor)

  • Tidewalker Lurkers no longer call for help from other nearby creatures.
Gruul' Lair:

  • Complete Gruul' Lair Overhaul thx tobschinski

  • Full Zone Recheck for Zul'Aman Release

  • Fixed Netherwing Ledge Quest Chain
  • Further Improvement to Fire At Will! Canons

  • Full Rework Battleground Holidays Emissaries + Nonattackable Flag
  • Further increased the Keli'dan summoner range in BF. 

  • Complete Outland Ore Deposit Pooling
  • Enhanced Outland Herb Pooling
  • Introduced MASTER Herbs Isle of Quel\'Danas - Pool

General Mechanics:

  • Corrected a logic error in spell hit/miss calculations.
2.1 Patch Changes:

  • Reactivated Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer
  • Implemented G'eras New Items
  • Prepared Season 3 Vendor
  • Magtheridon's Head Drop
  • Implemented Two T6 Tokens 
  • Activated Indormi 23437
  • Verdant Sphere Item Drop Kael'thas

  • Implement permanent Instant 70 without char limit.(Includes Karazhan Key)
  • Also I60 NPC so you can decide between I60 I70 or leveling from 0 with x1 rates.
  • Remove Karazhan Quest Attunement, Key is still needed to enter Karazhan.
  • Update I70 Start NPC Text

Changelog January 2017
Changelog January 2017

Sorry about the long delay of this changelog. The February one will be posted close to the 28th.


Mag'theridon's Lair:

  • Fixed the reset issue that caused Mag'theridon to be released early if you wiped in phase 1.

Hyjal Summit:

  • Updated spell timers for: Abomination, Giant Infernal, Lesser Doomguard, Crypt Fiend, Fel Stalker, Ghoul
  • Fixed Cannibalize (ID: 31538), used for Ghouls.

Black Temple:

  • Updated spell timers for: Coilskar General, Aqueous Lord, Priestess of Dementia, Dragon Turtle, Leviathan, Bonechewer Worker, Dragonmaw Skystalker, Dragonmaw Wyrmcaller, Ashtongue Mystic, Ashtongue Stalker, Illidari Boneslicer, Illidari Centurion, Illidari Heartseeker, Illidari Bloodmage, Illidari Deathshaper, Shadowmoon Riding Hound, Shadowmoon Soldier, Shadowmoon Weapon Master, Wrathbone Flayer, Bonechewer Behemoth, Bonechewer Shield Disciple, Bonechewer Blood Prophet, Bonechewer Spectator, Suffering Soul Fragment, Sister of Pain, Sister of Pleasure, Charming Courtesan, Spellbound Attendant, Enslaved Servant, Temple Concubine, Illidari Assassin, Illidari Blood Lord, Shadowmoon Houndmaster, Ashtongue Primalist, Azgalor, Kaz'rogal.
  • Added a small delay on Supremus' Volcanos before they start dealing damage.
  • Reworked Supremus' fixate mechanic.
  • Anetheron: Added enrage spell and updated timer for his sleep spell.

Blood Furnace:

  • Added an evade range to Kel'idan's summoners, to prevent him from being forever unattackable if they are killed far away from him.
  • Fixed an issue where Kel'idan's summoners didn't evade back to home position after leaving combat.


  • Fixed Anaya Dawnrunner Pathing
  • Invis Legion Hold Caster 21403 Visuals
  • Cyrukh the Firelord AI Update

  • Netherwing activated

[b]2.1 Patch Changes:


  • Morogrim Positioning
  • Serpentshrine Lurker 21863 / Coilfang Priestess 21220 Immunities
  • Activated Mark of the Illidari, Pattern, Coilfang Weapons, 
    Bottled Nethergon Energy / Bottled Nethergon Vapor Drop in SSC/TK
  • HP Retuning due to new Content Release
  • Unit Patch Phasing for post 2.1
  • Darkmoon Faire Cards Turn In
  • Engeneering Googles
  • Increased Token Drop 


  • Fixed alot of minor DB Errors

Changelog December 2016 (And Nov 14 - Nov 30)
Changelog December 2016 (And Nov 14 - Nov 30)
From now on we will do monthly changelogs instead of weekly.
Changes can as always also be found on Github: https://github.com/Looking4Group/L4G_Core/commits/master


  • Hunter pets can now eat Conjured Manna Biscuits as intended. #2492

  • Rampage: #2125

    • This spell now correctly procs from both normal and critical attacks
    • Fixed an exploit where you could cancel the stacking buff to get a new one for 30 seconds without having to spend 20 rage to activate the ability.

  • Hemorrhage no longer procs on non-physical spells: #2592
  • Distract will now turn patrolling mobs correctly. (Previously they would stop, but they would not turn towards the spell center): #2739

  • Spirit of Redemption: #968

    • You can no longer cast any spells on the priest while it's affected by Spirit of Redemption. Also the priest can no longer heal itself while in Spirit of Redemption.
    • Spellcasting is correctly interrupted when entering Spirit of Redemption (as if you really died).
    • You can no longer equip weapons or armor while affected by Spirit of Redemption.
    • Health and Mana is correctly set to max upon entering Spirit of Redemption.

  • Seal of Blood procs now correctly deals 10% damage to yourself. (It was 35%) 
  • Seal of Blood no longer procs from itself or Crusader Strike. It no longer activates Judgement of Light and Judgement of Wisdom.

  • Frostbolt is no longer a Binary Spell.
Other spells and class mechanics:

  • Dismounting Blast now dismounts correctly. This spell is used by some guards, for example Thrallmar Grunts and Honor Hold Defenders. #1888
  • The Diminishing Return system has been updated. This should solve issues like Mace Spec Stun not sharing DR with Deep Thunder stuns. Please leave feedback if you notice any other DR is not working as intended after this update.
  • Fear and Root break on damage has been reworked. They should now break much more frequently.
  • Periodic leech effects should not generate threat.
  • Fixed a logic error when calculating spell level penalty.
  • Spells that split melee damage to nearby targets should no longer target totems.
  • Threat can no longer be negative.
  • Troll Berserking should now grant the correct bonuses.
  • Fixed a logic error in range delay calculations.
  • UNIT_FLAG2_FEIGN_DEATH will now be removed when the player logs out. (This also solves the issue where you're permanently a corpse from the BT prequest)

  • Updated AI, damage and resistances for Curator trash mobs. (Arcane Anomaly and Syphoner)
  • Added a stealth detection aura to Phantom Valets.
Old Hillsbrad Foothills:

  • Increased respawntime for Patrols.
Black Morass:

  • Added the event that happens after you beat the dungeon. (Orcs running through the portal).
  • (Hopefully) Fixed an issue where quests sometimes did not complete after beating the dungeon.
Vanilla Dungeons (mostly Gnomeregan):

  • Updated AI for: Zelemar the Wrathful, Overlord Ramtusk, King Gordok, Irradiated Invader, Irradiated Pillager, Caverndeep Burrower, Caverndeep Ambusher, Caverndeep Invader, Caverndeep Looter, Caverndeep Pillager, Caverndeep Reaver, Dark Iron Agent, Leprous Technician, Leprous Defender, Leprous Machinesmith, Dark Iron Ambassador, Holdout Warrior, Leprous Assistant, Electrocutioner 6000,  Mobile Alert System.
NPCs and Creatures:

  • Shattered Rumbler: Updated AI.
  • Empoor's Bodyguard: Hopefully final faction update.
  • Fixed movement for Urdak.
  • Fixed movement for Tyrantus.
  • Removed Magistrix Seyla (Patch 2.4).
  • Fixed movement and implemented caster AI for Ango'rosh Souleater.
  • Fixed movement for Steam Surger.
  • Fixes an issue where Neutral mobs can attack, when logic states they shouldn't be able to initiate an attack.
  • Fixed an issue of mobs falling underground in certain circumstances.
  • Correctly set Akuno's faction to Lower City. (You can no longer kill your own escort NPC Tongue) (#3002)
  • Fixed movement for Ango'rosh Mauler's - and Souleaters.
  • Fixed movement and updated AI for Zalazane.
  • Fixed movement for Eclipsion Centurion.
  • Fixed movement for Unyielding Knight.
  • Fixed movement for Fen Strider.
  • Fixed movement for Suffering Soul Fragment.
  • Fixed movement for Mmmrrrggglll.
  • Fixed OoC (Out of Combat) shoot animations for: Dawnblade Marksman, Silvermoon Ranger, Honor Hold Archer.
  • Fixed movement for Arcane Guardian.
  • Fixed movement for Dragonmaw Shaman.
  • Fixed movement for Dragonmaw Subjugator.
  • Fixed movement for Ango'rosh Sentry.
  • Fixed movement for Cragskaar.
  • Fixed movement for Eclipsion Bloodwarder.
  • Updated Equipment templates for: Bleeding Hollow Scryer, Eredar Soul-Eater, 

  • Updated spawnpoint for Eye of Veil Reskk & Eye of Veil Shienor.
  • Fixed loottable for Fel Iron Chest in Hellfire Ramparts. Now always drop 2 blue items, chance on gem.
  • Reimplemented chests in dungeons.
  • Updated the text on Monument to Grom Hellscream.

  • Reverted the stack change for Bleeding Hollow Torches.

  • Enabled Black Temple prequests.
  • Vision Guide: You now get teleported back to the questgiver at the end of the vision. (#815)

  • Fixed player orientation on spawn in Blade's Edge Arena. 

  • Fixed an issue with the login queue that caused you to disconnect once you got ingame.
  • Physical attacks now require LoS to the victim.
  • The "Report Spam"- button (both for mails and chat) now opens a GM Ticket instead of just writing data to the server log file. This means that spam reports will be much more available for Game Masters and it is no longer necessary for players to manually report spammers.
  • In addition to the spam report updates we have also implemented a Spam Filter. It should be very effective in dealing with the annoying whisper spammers that are currently active on the server. The spam filter does not apply in party, guild and raid chats. Please let us know if the spam filter seems too restrictive for you as a normal player. 
  • A possible crash case was fixed in the MovementHandler.

Black Temple (PTR):

  • Najentus:

    • Updated the script for Najentus to improve readability and performance.
    • Updated spell timers.
    • Updated boss texts, emotes and sounds.
    • Rewrote impaling needle and tidal shield cycling logic.
    • Full commit can be found here: Github.

  • Supremus:

    • Updated the script for Supremus to improve readability and performance.
    • Updated spell timers.
    • Updated movement speed.
    • Updated bounding box and combat reach.
    • Moved the Volcano script from core to DB.
    • Removed the Supremus Punch Invis Stalker script. It is now implemented in a better way in Supremus's main script.
    • Updated the Fixate mechanic (This still needs further polishing and testing.)
    • Full commit can be found here: Github.

  • Shade of Akama:

    • Updated the script for Shade of Akama to improve readability and performance.
    • Updated spell timers.
    • Full commit can be found here: Github.

  • Trash mobs:

    • Updated timers for Ashtongue Battlelord, Shadowmoon Reaver, Bonechewer Taskmaster, Hand of Gorefiend, Bonechewer Brawler, Angered Sould Fragment.

Hyjal Summit (PTR):

  • Rage Winterchill:

    • Updated the script for Rage Winterchill to improve readability and performance.

    • Updated texts and sounds.
    • Updated spell timers.
    • Full commit can be found here: Github.

  • Updated gossip for Jaina, Thrall and Tyrande.

Changelog weeks 44-45 (Oct 31 - Nov 13)

  • Shade of Aran: 

    • The Blizzard trigger NPC should no longer keep you in combat after the fight
    • The area targeted by Blizzard should now reflect a more Blizzlike state.
    • Please report any issues that you may experience with the boss as a result of these two fixes.
The Eye:

  • Increased Solarian Speed.


  • Added Formula: Enchant Bracer - Greater Dodge to Ethereum Jailor Loottable.
  • Correctly Reimplemented Item ID's: 31875 31876 31877 31878 31879.
  • Correctly reimplemented Blessings, Storms, Furies and Lunacy 5-8 Card Drop Loottable
  • Modified TBC Deposit Loot (In particular regarding GEMs.)


  • Removed AV from daily PvP cycle
  • Set the correct faction for Akuno, so he is no longer attackable by alliance players during the escort: #3002
  • You will now be teleported back to the quest giver as intended on the quest Vision Guide, after the vision in the cave: #815

  • Corrected Omen of Clarity PPM.


  • Improvements to Terocone Farming (We need more spawns for a better system).

  • Fixed AI for Ethereum Nullifier.
  • Serpentshrine Sporebat: Improvements to Charge.
  • Corrected model of Whirling Blade.
  • Implemented Pathing for Watcher Moonshade, Asghar, Parshah,Lothros ,Makazradon ,Overseer Ripsaw, Blackscale, Painmistress Gabrissa, Rhonsus .
  • Fixed Raging Fire-Soul Fire Immunity.
  • Corrected Chief Engineer Lorthander respawntimer.
  • Fixed Felblade Doomguard Movement.
  • Some Corrections and Visuals to Gan'arg Mekgineer.
  • Fixed Kil'sorrow Spellbinder Movement 
  • Fixed Nethermine Ravager Patrols.
  • Fixed Thomas Yance Movement.
  • Fixed Gava'xi Movement.
  • Fixed Deathshadow Warlock AI.
  • Fixed Deathshadow Archon Attackspeed.
  • Despawned some Netherwing Gameobjects.
  • Fixed Movement and AI for Summoner Kanthin.
  • Fixed Twilight Ridge Movement.
  • Fixed Cave Bat Movement.
  • Fixed Mature Cavern Crawler & Cavern Crawler (AI & Movement).
  • Fixed some abusable NPC's loot and gold drops.
  • Added Avian Flyers in Sethekk Halls.
  • Fixed Netherstorm Trigger Visuals.
  • Fixed Fel Cannon MKI AI.
  • Implememtend Rare NPC: Dr. Whitherlimb.

  • Modified waypoints and speech for Haggard War Veteran.
  • Modified waypoints for Scryer Arcane Guardian.

  • Added the scripted event at Aldor Rise in Shattrath:

    • Fixed formations.
    • Added emotes.
    • Added speech.
    • Added Harbinger Erothem "prayer event" with Anchorite Nindumen.
    • Fixed waypoints.
    • Deleted duplicate spawns.

  • Fel Reaver:

    • Fixed one faulty waypoint causing it to fly in the air.
    • Adjusted the spawnpoint slightly.

  • Stonegazer:

    • Fixed waypoints.

  • Bach'lor:

    • Fixed waypoints.
    • Fixed formations. (He now walks together with his 9 talbuk friends)

  • Mountain Gronn's:

    • Fixed waypoints. (Will now walk up the mountain and assault the ogres)

  • Living Cyclone's:

    • Fixed waypoints.
    • Added missing spawns.

  • Clefthoof's:

    • Fixed waypoints.
    • Added missing spawns.
    • Fixed formations. They now walk together in big packs as intended.

  • Elekk's:

    • Fixed waypoints.

  • Storm Rager's:

    • Fixed waypoints.

  • Talbuk's:

    • Fixed waypoints.
    • Fixed formations. They now walk together in big packs as intended.


  • Massive update of the website.
  • New Forum.
  • New Homepage.
  • Added cookie disclaimer.
  • Added cookie for landing page to bypass if seen before.
  • Added dynamic bugtracker.
  • Added dynamic changelogs.

  • Fixed several DB errors.
  • Fixed Exodar & Silvermoon Call to Arms! 

Changelog week 43 (Oct 24 - Oct 30)
Changelog week 43 (Oct 24 - Oct 30)

Changes can as always also be found on github: https://github.com/Looking4Group/L4G_Core

The changelog may be shorter this week, but that does not mean we have been working less on the project. Smile


  • Avruu: #2883

    • Fixed waypoints.
    • Fixed spells.

  • Fixed waypoints for Durn the Hungerer: #1952
  • Neophyte Nemarn:

    • Removed duplicate spawn.
    • Fixed waypoints.
    • Added speech event with Adyen the Lightwarden.

  • Fel Reaver: #1293

    • Removed duplicate spawn.
    • It now plays the Fel Reaver noise when you're close.

  • Deleted triplicate Vhel'kur spawns.
  • Stairs of Destiny NPCs no longer attackable.
  • Searing Elemental now immune to fire.
  • League of Arathor Emissary no longer attackable.

  • SCRIPT_COMMAND_LOAD_PATH: Can now be used to switch path or stop waypoint movement.

Changelog week 42 (Oct 17 - Oct 23)
Changelog Week 42 (Oct 17 - Oct 23)


  • Scripted Vorakem Doomspeaker.
  • Scripted Emissary of Hate 
  • Implemented Isle of Quel'Danas Bloodberry Bush Pooling.
  • Added missing Spawns in Ghostlands, Western Plaguelands, Naxxramas
  • Fixed Melee Swing Timer for Broggok normal.
  • Added Morgroron Movement Script.
  • Fixed faction for Empoor's Bodyguard.

  • Garadar Wolf Riders:

    • Fixed formation distance.
    • Added a bow to their equip_template.

  • Added missing Blue Moth spawn.
  • Fixed MovementType for a lot of NPCs in Exodar.
  • Fixed formations for Exodar Peacekeepers.
  • Fixed Gossip for Apothecary Azethen and Pilgrim Gal'ressa.
  • Fixed random speech for Falcon Watch Rangers.
  • Fixed waypoints and formations for Falcon Watch Rangers.
  • Fixed waypoints and speech event for Taleris Dawngrazer.
  • Fixed waypoints and speech event for Twinkle.
  • Fixed MovementType for Thadok, kugnar, Keb'ezil.
  • Added speech event between the two Honor Hold Defenders standing outside the destroyed keep.
  • Fixed waypoints for Scout Vanura
  • Pool spawning added for the following creatures: The Reak (8212), Ironback (8213), Jalinde Summerdrake (8214), Zul\'arek Hatefowler (8219), Muad (1910), Deeb (1911), Farmer Solliden (1936), Bayne (10356), Ressan the Needler (10357), Sri\'skulk (10359), Scarlet Executioner (1841), Foreman Jerris (1843), Foulmane (1847), Putridius (1850), The Husk (1851), Scarlet Smith (1885), Vultros (462), Sergeant Brashclaw (506), Leprithus (572), Foe Reaper 4000 (573), Leech Widow (1112), Razormaw Matriarch (1140), Mirelow (14424), Gnawbone (14425), Sludginn (14433), Dalaran Spellscribe (1920), Rot Hide Bruiser (1944), Morcrush (18690), Hemathion (18692), Speaker Margrom (18693), Mekthorg the Wild (18677), Fulgorge (18678), Vorakem Doomspeaker (18679), Goretooth (17144), Bro\'Gaz the Clanless (18684), Chief Engineer Lorthander (18697), Ever-Core the Punisher (18698), Nuramoc (20932), Collidus the Warp-Watcher (18694), Ambassador Jerrikar (18695), Doomsayer Jurim (18686), Crippler (18689), Marticar (18680), Coilfang Emissary (18681), Deathsworn Captain (Shadowfang Keep)(3872), Hearthsinger Forresten (10558)


  • Reimplemented Design: Mystic Dawnstone.
  • Reduced Shoulder Pads cost from 3750 to 2625, removed nonblizzlike vendor and integrated the items to normal vendor.

  • PvP: Upon joining a battleground all other queues will be dropped
  • Chess Event: Despawn timer chest 3 min -> 30 min
  • Halloween costumes: Fixed aggro issues.

Changelog week 41 (Oct 10 - Oct 17)
Changelog week 41 (Oct 10 - Oct 17)

Changes can as always also be found on github: https://github.com/Looking4Group/L4G_Core


  • Infernals at Prince should no longer target totems, causing them to not cast their AOE.
  • Chess event: The silence aura is now removed after the game is completed.


  • Reimplemented Battle of the Crimson Watch.
  • A Boaring Time For Grulloc (#886): Temporary fix that should allow players to complete the quest in a semi-intentional way. Until we can properly fix the quest-item, we hope that this solution will work for now. 

  • Birds of a feather: #717

    • Birds are now spawning correctly when clicking the nests.
    • Nests despawn after clicking them.
    • Added missing nest spawns.
    • Removed static Female and Male Kaliri birds. 

  • Scripted Feralfen Mystic.
  • Scripted Ango'rosh Shaman.
  • Scripted Daggerfen Muckdweller.
  • Ancestral Spirit Wolf is no longer attackable.
  • Improved movement for several NPCs in Zeth'Gor.
  • Fixed Expedition Warden Template.
  • Improved AI for Varedis.
  • Added missing spawns for Shadow Council Felsworn & Shadow Council Zealot.
  • Don Carlos' Hat Dropchance to 100% on nonheroic mode.
  • Fel Overseer: Added Charge.
  • Lair Brute: Added Charge.
  • Fixed Gruul Group Linking.
  • Mag'har Hunter: Fixed AI /Movement.
  • Spawned Shadowhoof Summoner .
  • Spawned Illidari Succubus .
  • Spawned Shadowhoof Assassin .
  • Spawned Illidari Ravager .
  • Added Corvax Visual Event.
  • Fixed Horus - Netherwing Ledge.
  • Added Netherwing eggs pooling.
  • Fixed Mordenai Movement

  • Big update for Honor Hold with focus on Creature Formations, AIs, Waypoints, Gossip/Speech and Events:

    • Honor hold archer:

      • Improved AI.
      • Fixed waypoints.
      • Removed Duplicate Spawn

    • War Horses are no longer attackable by alliance players.
    • Honor Hold Defenders:

      • They now use the correct sword and shield models.
      • Fixed waypoints.
      • Fixed formations.
      • Fixed gossip.
      • Fixed speech and emotes.

    • Stormwind Cavalrymen:

      • Fixed waypoints
      • Fixed formations.
      • Now dismounts on aggro and mounts on evade.

    • Nethergarde Infantry inside the inn:

      • Now have food and mugs in their hands.
      • Fixed emotes .

    • Nethergarde Infantry outside the inn:

      • Fixed waypoints.
      • Fixed emotes .

    • Stormwind Infantry:

      • Fixed waypoints.
      • Fixed emotes.

    • Fixed waypoints for Eye of Honor Hold. (Blue bird flying around the tower)
    • Caretaker Dilandrus:

      • Fixed waypoints.
      • Fixed emotes.
      • Now spawns flowers at the graves he visits.

    • Magus Filinthus:

      • Fixed waypoints.
      • Added random speech.
      • Fixed emotes.
      • Added event with the innkeeper at the end of his path. (Speech and teleport)


  • Respawned Marksman Regiment's Cooking Pot.

  • Brought back Heavy Knothide Armor Kit.
  • Added The Horseman's Blade. It was previously missing from our DB.

  • Enhanced Cataclysmic Bolt Targeting.
  • Druid Talent Natural Shapeshifter now applies to Tree of Life form. #2836
  • Spellstrike Set Effect will now have a chance to proc on DoT application and the start of channelled spells. #2535

  • Arena announcements are now anonymous. (Team rating and team name is no longer shown)

Changelog week 40 (Oct 3 - Oct 9)
Changelog week 40 (Oct 3 - Oct 9)
Changes can as always also be found on github: https://github.com/Looking4Group/L4G_Core

Blood Furnace:

  • Fixed a reset issue for Broggok.

  • Added missing Skeletal Gryphon 
  • Added missing Aran Teleport Triggers
  • Prince Malchezaar:

    • Fixed an issue causing infernals to stack on top of eachother, greatly trivialising the encounter. Be prepared to wipe!
    • Corrected the Shadow Word: Pain spell in Phase 3 to its correct counterpart.
    • Corrected a bug causing Prince's weapons to phase in and out of existence in Phase 3.
    • Added pre-nerf "Cleave" spell to Prince.
    • Randomized "Sunder Armor" from a 15 second cooldown, to a random value between 10 and 18 seconds.
    • Randomized "Cleave" to a random value between 6 and 12 seconds.
Serpentshrine Cavern:

  • Lady Vashj: Mindcontrolled targets are now CC immune
  • Lady Vashj: Increased toxic spores damage to 3k.
  • Tidewalker: Increased damage by 15%
  • Added temporary automatic Vashj bridge opening if all bosses killed to that point.
Tempest Keep (The Eye):

  • Al'ar: Increased dive bomb damage to 60k.

  • Changed Leokk's MovementType and moved his spawnpoint to prevent him from glitching through the cage.
  • Changed MovementType on several sitting Ogres in Blade's Edge Mountains. They will now sit still.
  • Translated vendor names in Champion's hall and Hall of Legends. #1087

  • Thrallmar Wolf Riders: #1745

    • Fixed formations.
    • Fixed waypoints.
    • Now using the correct spells.
    • Now moving at the correct speed.
    • Now dismounting when entering combat, and mounting on exiting combat.

  • Thrallmar Grunts: #775

    • Fixed formations.
    • Fixed waypoints.
    • Now only casting Dismounting Blast on initial aggro.
    • Adjusted HP to a Blizzlike value.

  • Thrallmar Peon:

    • Fixed waypoints.
    • Adjusted HP to a Blizzlike value.
    • Now using the correct spells.

  • Overseer Nuaar: Fixed his MovementType. He is now pathing as intended. Also changed his spawnpoint to be the same as first waypoint. #2611
  • Fixed movement and abilities for Bat Rider Guards and Eye of Thrallmar. #1749

  • Mature Netherwing Drakes #683

    • Fixed waypoints.
    • Now using the correct spells.

  • Swamprat Guards: #1301

    • Fixed waypoints.
    • Fixed formations.
    • Now using the correct spells.
    • Modified melee damage to reflect a Blizzlike state.

  • Bonechewer Marauder, Bonechewer Messenger, Wrathstalker: #708

    • Fixed waypoints.
    • Fixed formations.
    • Now using the correct spells.
    • Modified damage, armor and melee swingtime to reflect a Blizzlike state.
    • The wrathstalker event that assault the orcs is now fully functioning.

  • Added missing Evidence Marker
  • Added missing Lightsworn Elekk Rider 
  • Added Some BT Pre Fighting Event Visuals and Reworked Outer BT Zone with Movement Scripts6
  • Added missing Wildhammer Defender
  • Added some missing Dire Maul NPCs
  • Added missing Ahune Event NPCs
  • Added some missing Skettis NPCs
  • Added missing Roloch Raremob Spawns(Pooling)
  • Added missing Bjarn Raremob Spawns(Pooling)
  • Added missing Hearthsinger Forresten Spawns(Pooling)
  • Added missing Spawns on Netherwing ledge
  • Added pooling for Netherwing Bushes, Netherwing Ore Veins
  • Added missing Movement Scripts to B11 Starting Zone
  • Scripted Nethermine Flayer, Black Blood of Draenor, Nethermine Ravager
  • Nethercite Deposit Pooling
  • Netherdust Bush Pooling
  • Nethermine Cargo Pooling
  • Prince Infernals
  • Zarcsin Yell 
  • Apexis Shard Drop


  • Greatly improved "Rubber banding" issue: Fixes Animation & Visiblity issues (e.g. Al'ars movement observed from far away platforms) for the most part.
  • Alliance and Horde Auction Houses have been merged as requested from the community and in order to make sure the market stays healthy.

Changelog week 39 (Sept 26 - Oct 2)
Changelog week 39 (Sept 26 - Oct 2)
Changes can as always also be found on github: https://github.com/Looking4Group/L4G_Core

Blood Furnace:

  • Added Random Enrage for Fel Orc Neophytes
The Steamvault:

  • Enhanced Steam Surger movement behavior

  • Servent Quarter Boss Implementation Improved

Gruul's Lair:

  • Further adjustments to the damage dealt by Lair Brutes

Serpentshrine Cavern:

  • SSC Underbog Colossus: All targeted spells will only target players.
  • SSC Fathomlord Karathress: Cataclysmic bolt will only target players with mana
  • Lady Vashj: Changed Mindcontrol timer, 5 -> 2 targets.
  • Beast Tamers: Fixed Bestial Wrath
  • Leotheras Melee Damage Increase
  • Remove CC immunites from Serpentshrine Sporebat
  • Adjusted Morogrim Positioning
Tempest Keep (The Eye):

  • Added epic Trashloot
  • Removed Verdant Sphere drop.

  • Honor Mark Trade Quests no longer needs AV Marks.

  • Tagar Spinebreaker Movement
  • Eye of Grillok Movement
  • Razorsaw Movement
  • Fixed Chieftain Mummaki's Totem Dropchance
  • Spawned Greatfather Aldrimus
  • Scripted Zuluhed the Whacked, Varedis, Netharel 21164 , Theras 21168 , Alandien 21171 , Varedis 21178 , Shadowmoon Eye of Kilrogg , Scryer Cavalier 22967 , Eclipsion Bloodwarder 19806 , Eclipsion Cavalier 22018 , Scryer Hawkstrider 22969
  • Improved Magister Aledis Movement AI
  • Implemented Season 2 Vendors
  • (Warchief Kargath Bladefist , Warp Splinter , Pathaleon the Calculator , Harbinger Skyriss) should now always drop 2 rare items in heroic mode. Working on implementing for other bosses as well.

  • Fixed Deathfrost proc.
  • Ogre Brews can no longer be used outside of Blade's Edge Mountains.


  • Enabled .debug threatlist command for players. (http://looking4group.eu/hellfire/showthread.php?tid=2705)

Changelog weeks 36-38 (Sept 5 - Sept 25)
We want to apologise for the lack of changelogs in the recent weeks. From now on we will go back to posting them every Sunday.
All changes can also be found on github: https://github.com/Looking4Group/L4G_Core/commits/master

Changelog Weeks 36-38 (Sept 5 - Sept 25)

Hellfire Ramparts:
Blood Furnace:
Shattered Halls:

  • Changed Faction for Captain Alina as she is otherwise killed by the npcs before the timer runs out.
Shadow Labyrinth:
Sethekk Halls:
Gruul's Lair:

  • Enhancement for Lair Brute AI Script [email protected]
Magtheridon's Lair:
Serpentshrine Cavern (PTR):

The Eye (PTR):

  • Adjusted Kael'thas' Phoenix fire immunity.
  • Fixed Al'ar divebomb damage
  • Fixed Al'ar platform movement issue
  • High Astromancer Solarian: Changed melee damage school to arcane in phase 3 and adjusted Blinding Light timer.
  • The doors to Kael'thas's room should now be working correctly.
  • Kael'thas: Removed diminishing return from Telonicus's Remote Toy's stun.



  • Nether Vortex now binds on pickup. Please clear your cache folder to make this appear on the tooltip!

  • Improved Ogril'a loottables.
  • Felmist now dynamically spawns in Shadowmoon Valley.
  • Made some spawned questtriggers invisible as intended.
  • Enhanced Infernal Attacker Event
  • Major PvE and PvP Zones Viewdistance Update https://github.com/Looking4Group/L4G_Core/pull/216
  • All inns now correctly grants the rested bonus. Previously this did not work in some inns like Falcon Watch.
  • Pets will now revive automatically when the player revives in battlegrounds. (Also restores power)
  • Increased viewdistance in battlegrounds to 300 yards.

Forum/Website/Other updates:

Changelog week 35 (Aug 28 - Sept 4)
Changelog week 35 (Aug 28 - Sept 4)


  • Implemented depleted items.

  • Increased Max visibility distance from 90 to 180 yards. This fixes issues like the Flame quill of Al'ar: To the player it seemed like Al'ar was casting it at the wrong position, because the model of Al'ar didn't update due to the distance between the player and him being more than 90 yards. This will also fix similar issues server wide.
  • Set Internal Cooldown to Thrash and Double Attack Abilities.
Serpentshrine Cavern (PTR):

  • Reworked & improved solution for coilfang frenzys
  • Set SSC Trash to 2h respawntimer.
The Eye (PTR):

  • Randomized Al'ar platform movement, added 2 additional landing platforms.

Changelog week 34 (Aug 22 - Aug 28)
Changelog week 34 (Aug 22 - Aug 28):

Shattered halls:

  • Readjusted the damage done by Shattered Hand Champions.
  • Adjustments made to Warchief Kargath Bladefist melee behavior
  • The respawntime of the patrolling mobs in the sewer has been adjusted to 90 seconds.
  • The respawntime of mobs in The Gauntles has been adjusted to 180 seconds. (From 300 seconds)


Gruul's Lair:

Serpentshrine Cavern(PTR):

  • Fixed Coilfang Frenzy: Reduced their spawn timer, fixed the issue  that made them follow players onto the platform / not leaving combat. 
  • Fixed Lurker Whirl. Now correctly scheduled and not going off multiple times in succession.
  • Fixed Lurker Animations. Now correctly submerging / emerging
  • Fathomlord Karathress: Fixed Caribidis's Cyclone visual & effect. Now correctly knocks players up
  • Fathomlord Karathress: Added "Hurl Trident" Ability for Sharkiss.
  • Fixed Morogrim Tidewalker: Watery Grave, Earthquake & Watery Globules timers fixed. Adjusted script texts.
  • Fixed Morogrim Tidewalker: Watery Globules now immediately engaging. Fixed Aggro range, they will now select targets beyond 25 yards.
  • Fixed Morogrim Tidewalker: Added Trash ability.



  • All Portal Stones can now be used at Level 70 too.
  • Maximized server side view distance. You can now increase your client side view distance
  • Toshley flying machine should now be flyable.
  • Respecc costs now capped at 20G, minimum respecc cost now 5G.
  • Reworked and re-enabled Arena Announcements
  • Increased daily PvP reward: Now awards 19g99s & 502 Honor
  • Implemented Master Mineral Pools for the Leftout Zones.


Changelog week 33 (Aug 15 - Aug 21)
Changelog week 33 (15 Aug - 21 Aug)


  • Fixed Netherspite Netherbreath: Netherspite will now correctly face the target he is casting the Netherbreath on. This makes it possible to avoid it by standing behind him.
  • Fixed Netherspite portals: Player holding a beam at the end of the portal phase now also gets debuffed.
  • Adds should no longer pull through the wall in the Nightbane fight.
Gruul's Lair:

  • Fixed High King Maulgar movement speed while whirling. He is now kiteable during his whirlwind.
Shattered Halls:
Shadow Labyrinth:
Serpentshrine Cavern (PTR):

  • Fixed Lady Vashj roots: She will now move away after entangle, and use ranged attacks, until the aggro holder is within 5y again.
  • Fixed Lady Vashj roots; they no longer break on damage.
  • Fixed Hydross immunity to Frost / Nature dmg in the respective phases, fixed the visual of his Banish spell.
  • Fixed Lurker's spout: Players under water will now not be caught up in it, if a nearby player gets hit by it. Knockback also ignores resistances.



  • Many fixes to T5 loottables.
  • Fixed Thorium Lockbox Loottable
  • Fixed Shaman's elemental totems.
  • Simon Say Ogrila Gameobjects (pain in the a fix)


  • The ingame registration page has been updated. It can now be found here. It now requires you to activate your account before you can log in.
  • The "PLAY NOW"- button now correctly leads to the ingame account creation instead of the forum registration.
  • The Staff page has been updated.
  • Some new functions has been activated for the forum like the "Unread posts" button.
  • More changes to the landing page are being worked on!

Changelog week 32 (Aug 8 - Aug 14)
Changelog week 32 (2016-08-08 to 2016-08-14)


  • Fixed Karazhan Add through wall pull on the way to maiden.

Shattered Halls:

Mana Tomb:

  • Fixed linking in first boss room.
  • Nexus Stalkers now dual wielding.
Slave Pens:
Serpentshrine Cavern (PTR):

The eye (PTR):



  • Increased server side view distance.
  • Re enabled pathing between waypoint nodes.
  • Gladdy addon should now work. (Thanks to Schaka!)
  • Reworked ingame account creation page. (Click)
  • Big changes to UnitAI. (Click)
  • Many T5 SQL changes.

Changelog week 31 (Aug 1 - Aug 7)
Changelog week 31 (31/7 - 7/8)

[b]Old Hillsbrad Foothills:

  • Increased Lookout Patrol Respawntimer and Enhanced Respawnbehavior


Shattered halls:

  • Rebalance for the whole dungeon. (Normal and heroic) Still ongoing, no point in posting exact numbers at this time.

  • Decreased several Trash Damage. (Exact values here: http://pastebin.com/Jc7YtqDF)
  • Increased Attumen Trash Damage

Magtheridon's Lair:


  • Starter item as suggested here. (Not released yet, almost done!) .
  • Forum signatures are now limited to 140px in height. If it's larger, a scrollbar will appear.
  • Timers for a lot of TBC Dungeon Bosses were adjusted to match a more Blizzlike state.
  • Many database updates for T5 content.
  • Corrected some low level item dropchances.

Changelog week 30 (25 Jul - 31 Jul)
Changelog week 30 (25/7-31/7)


Shattered Halls:



  • Slightly reduced Tavarok's damage in heroic mode.

Blood Furnace:

  • Fixed a group linking issue.
Shadow Labyrinth:


  • Adjusted the HP for Fiendish Imp, in the Illhoof bossfight, to imitate a prenerf value.
  • Midnight should now always charge the player furthest away.
  • Opera Event: Increased stun chance by fire spells on Strawman to 33 %.
  • Opera Event: Big Bad Wolf is no longer tauntable during the chase.

Magtheridon's Lair:

  • Trash patrols should now walk as intended.

Gruul's Lair:

  • Kiggler the Crazed should now always cast Greater Polymorph on the player with the highest threat, and not randomly in the raid.





  • Some improvements were made to AI LoS movement.
  • Herb Spawns should now be fixed in all TBC Dungeons.
  • Removed ZA quests.
  • Reimplemented the Cooking Daily quest.

Changelog week 29 (Jul 18 - Jul 24)
* Serpentshrine Caverns
- The attunement quest is now available.

* Tempest Keep
- The attunement quest from Khadgar in Shattrath is now available.

Additionally the following DB updates were applied:

(Re)Created AI for: 

  • Felspine the Greater
  • Crust Burster 
  • Haal'eshi Windwalker 
  • Bleeding Hollow Tormentor 
  • Honor Hold Gryphon Rider 
  • Honor Hold Scout 
  • Illidari Dreadlord 
  • Felguard Destroyer
  • Nethermine Burster

Enhanced AI for: 

  • Mutate Fleshlasher 
  • Shadowmoon Darkcaster 
  • Dawnblade Marksman 

Movement fixed for: 

  • Fel Reaver Sentry 
  • Mo'arg Overseer 
  • Ironforge NPCs 
  • Dreadcaller 
  • Spellreaver Marathelle 
  • Apex 
  • Glacius 
  • Summoner Kanthin 
  • Bimble Longberry

Rare spawns added:

  • Hed'mush the Rotting
  • Lord Darkscythe
  • Seeker Aqualon
  • Deathspeaker Selendre
  • Lynnia Abbendis
  • Scald
  • Speaker Mar'grom
  • Mekthorg the Wild


  • Naxxramas now has an entry requirement.
  • Adjusted Nethermancer Sepethrea HP back to a more original state.
  • Dragonmaw Skybreaker now flies.
  • A second pair of Spectrecles has been added to the replacement vendor. 
  • Added missing objects spawns in Ghostlands & Eversong Woods.
  • Fixed some creatures that's not supposed to drop gold.
  • Gamon is now attackable

Changelog week 28 (Jul 11 - Jul 17)

The following bosses in Karazhan has got their damage and HP adjusted to reflect a more reasonable state:

  • Attumen the Huntsman
  • Maiden of Virtue
  • Moroes
  • The Curator
  • Terestian Illhoof
  • Shade of Aran
  • Netherspite
  • Prince Malchezaar
  • Nightbane 

The exact values can be found here: http://pastebin.com/U83Dh7xq

Changelog week 27 (Jul 4 - Jul 10)
*Gruuls Lair
- High King Maulgar will no longer use Arcing Smash while using his Whirlwind ability

* Quests
- TK pre quest is available in SMV

* T4
- Content was re tuned to a proper level, taking HPS, HP and Phys Damage reduction of tanks.

* Spell mechanics
- Ancestral Fortitude and Inspiration no longer stacks
- Some rework to charge ability within Lordaeron and Blades Edge Arena was made to provide a more blizzlike gameplay and overall better experience.

* Rogue
- Slice and Dice can no longer be used in stealth without dropping stealth to the Rogue

* Druid
- Lifebloom is gonna bloom now when dispelled as intended.

Changelog week 26 (Jun 27 - Jul 3)
[s]* Mages[/s]
[s]- Blink spell was adjusted to work in a more blizzlike and more smooth way[/s]

* Arena
- Gathering one of the orbs for "Shadow Sight" will now pop the player out of stealth as intended

Blink is reverted for now due to crash issues and for further testing.

Changelog week 25 (Jun 20 - Jun 26)
* Language
- Announcements in BGs and Arena should now be in English (if you find something we may have missed out toss me a PM with a screenshot and the right phrase)

* Arena
- Leaving the Arena before losing the game won't prevent you from losing (personal) rating now
- Ruins of Lordaeron are now available
- Added Max Rating Difference of 250
- After 30 seconds, max rating difference is discarded

* Spell mechanics
- DoT's now properly remove stealth from the target upon application and not upon first damaging tick
- Sunder armor and Expose armor should no longer stack
- Diminishing returns on Enslave Demons was reverted again as it did not work as intended
- Getting hit by any spell while drinking / eating will now properly interrupt you

* Shaman
- Tremor Totem will now pulse for the first time immediatly with dropdown

* Druid
- t4 restoration 2-set bonus was fixed

Changelog week 24 (Jun 13 - Jun 19)
* Druid
- Feral Charge got its DR from roots removed and will now snare the target as intended nomatter what
- Fearie Fire casted on a stealthed unit will now break its stealth properly

* PvP Mechanics
- Uncontrolled Stuns have been reworked to share a DR as intended (e.g. mace stun specc and mace stun chance on hit)

* Druid (Feral) / Rogue
- Combo Points should now no longer drop off if the finishing move missed or was either parried or dodged by the enemy

* Spells
- Vampiric Touch, Vampiric Embrace, Frost Trap effect and reflect Shield will no longer make the player stuck in combat

* Steamvault
- Naga distillers can no longer be feared, coiled, etc.

* Alterac Valley
- Marshals / Warmaster were adjusted to present an equal and fair state for both factions

* Misc
- Dark Portal event is now completely scripted and working

* Karazhan - Nightbane
- Effect distance of "Charred Earth" has been adjusted to reflect the visual state
- Nightbane is gonna spawn 5 adds instead of 4 now
- The trash leading to Attumen the Huntsman should now do the right amount of damage to reflect a higher challenge and more blizzlike state

* Serpentshrine Caverns
- Lady Vashjs timers were adjusted to reflect a higher challenge and more blizzlike state

* Items
- fixed some more wrong enchanting requirements (make sure to delete your item cache before reporting further "wrong" values)

* Spell mechanics
- Both 15% range buffer and fix to consuming spellmods are now only and working (at least for what I tested this morning)

* Warlock
- Warlocks can resummon a pet that is already summoned now as intended

* Movement
- an update to NPC movement using Waypoints was made

* Ghostlands
- Several NPC groups have had their respawn time adjusted to 5min

Changelog week 23 (Jun 6 - Jun 12)
* General
- maximum amount of herbs available was increased for some Outland zones

* Items
- Ultrasafe transporter Gadgetzan was added into the trainer
- fixed some more Blacksmithing recipes that had wrong disenchanting requirements before (delete Itemcache)
- Quest rewards from all Outland quest should no longer sell for 1copper. If you find any item that still solls for this value PM me the ID. Make sure to delete your Itemcache and recheck first!
- Fixed some Items that could not be disenchanted. Make sure to delete your Itemcache and recheck first!
- Missing [Pendant of Triumph] was added into correct vendors

* Dungeons
- Ancient Lichen are back in both difficulties

* Old Hillsbrad Foothills
- Durnholde Sentry and Durnholde Reinforcement were adjusted to reflect a more blizzlike state

* Quest
- Stopping the Spread can be completed again
- "Trial and Error" can now be accepted regardless of race as intended
- "A date with Gordok" can now be accepted regardless of race as intended
- "Massacre at Gruuls Lair" can now be accepted regardless of race as intended

* Karazhan
- The big bad wolfs speed was adjusted
- added correct spells to NPC "Ethereal Spellfilcher"
- Big Bad Wolf timers were adjusted to reflect a more blizzlike state

* Maghteridons lair
- Hellfire Channelers should be linked again.
- Damage of Maghteridon was reduced by 10%

* Gruul's lair
- Olm the Summoner has received some adjustments to reflect a more blizzlike behaviour

* Hellfire Peninsula
- Horde players dying in Hellfire Citadel dungeons will now spawn at their appropriate graveyard

* Dungeons
- Ancient Lichen are back in dungeons! (Only heroic difficulty for now, gonna be changed soon(TM))

* Duskwood
- some NPC adjustments were made

* Swamp of Sorrows
- some NPC adjustments were made

* Shadowmoonvalley
- fixed some NPCs AIs, Waypoints, Texts and general behaviour

* Battlegrounds
- A bug was fixed that denied honor after Arathi Basin and Eye of the Storm had ended. Now AB winning team earns 20 bonus honor, EotS winning team earns 40, loosing team 20 bonus honor.

* Hunter / Warlocks
- Avoidance skill: Pets will now receive 50% less dmg from all spells counted as aoe-spells

* Spell mechanics
- fixed a bug where spells did not go off when the target is out of range. We implemented a 15% range buffer so the transition between in range and out of range is more smooth to reflect a more blizzlike state
- Pets should now properly run to the target and attack it, even if it's currently out of his line of sight (e.g. pillars in arenas)
- Players will no longer experience Dodge/Miss/Parry against Totems in both pve and pvp

Changelog week 22 (May 30 - Jun)
This actions are live.

* General
- Fixes for two crashes were deployed.
- We made a change to player movement calculations which should result in smoother movements and reducing the known "stutter-stepping"
- We have implemented the blizzlike 5 dungeons per hour rule. This affects dungeons of both difficulties and raids - this limit is account wide to prevent abuses
- Horde guards in Shadowmoon Village received their correckt weapon models
- Some adjustments to the NPCs at the Elemental Plateau have been made
- Further crash fixes were deployed.
- Slaves should now properly die / evade and despawn once their "masters" were killed (this probably needs more research tho)

* NPCs
- We have reactivated Vendor Lorelae Wintersong in Moonglade

* Zul Farrak
- a loot exploit was fixed

* Spells
- Spell lockout on NPCs should now work properly. This includes Talents and peculiarities of the spell that was used to interrupt

* Karazhan
- Further slight adjustments were made to the Prince Malchezaar encounter
[s]- The Curator is now using its Mana Shield out of Evocation and Enrage, making the encounter much more blizzlike than he was before[/s] (reverted again - was taken out of the game pretty early in TBC)
- Strawman ignite chance increased to a more blizzlike value
- Netherspite should be patrolling around in his room before engaged now
- several adjustments were made to waypoints, emotes, damage and hp of NPCs
- Timers for Wizard of Oz event (The Crone) were adjusted
- A bug in the fight against Prince was responsible for him not spawning elementals at all. This was fixed.
- Some missing text passages were added to some events / NPCs
- Netherspite: Netherspites Aura should now affect all people, not only damage dealer and tanks
- Prince Malchezaar: Axes now move on correct speed and do correct damage
- Cellar bosses were adjusted
- Nightbane got his flying speed adjusted
- Opera Event timers got fixed for all 3 events
- Dorothea (The Crone Event) should not be melee hitting anymore

* Mana-Tombs (hc)
- many NPCs have had their AI, Spells and Damage adjusted to reflect a more blizzlike state
- Both Gatewatchers have had their dmg values adjusted

Slave Pens (hc)
- Ahune was removed.
- Greater Bogstroks can now be sheeped as intended.

* The mechanar
- some adjustments were made to npc damage in both heroic and non heroic difficulty

* Nagrand
- Boulderfist Mages now got their correct table of spells instead of only melee-hitting

* Quests
- The Event to the Quest "The Exorcism of Colonel Jules" was added, making the quest completable now
[s]- The Quest "Don't kill the fat one" received some changes. (not entirely sure it works 100% now tho, feedback is appreciated[/s]) not working yet Sad
- The Quest "Gauging the resonant frequency" received changes. (not entirely sure it works 100% now tho, feedback is appreciated)

* Alterac Valley
- Both Vanndar Stormpike and Drek'Thar received adjustments

* The Botanica:
- Dungeon received a whole overhaul in both heroic and non heroic difficulty. This includes among other things:
  (i) Linking of Packs
  (ii) Emotes of bosses
  (iii) Bloodwarden Falconer Group behaviour
  (iv) general NPC AI
* The Arcatraz:
- Dungeon received a whole overhaul in both heroic and non heroic difficulty. This includes among other things:
  (i) Linking of Packs
  (ii) Emotes of bosses
  (iii) general NPC AI
  (iv) Fix of Bob and his friends (Sentinels AI)

* The Black Morras
- Trash Mobs (Wildlife before actual event starts) were adjusted
- Time Keepers (spawned from using Chrono-Beacon) have had their health, damage, emotes/speech and despawn rules adjusted
- some adjustments were made to prohibit the abuse of unintended high reputation gains

* The Blood Furnace
- Hellfire Imps in both heroic and non heroic difficulty have had their spells while enslaved changed to prevent abuses

* The Mechanar (heroic)
- Both Gatewatchers have had their dmg values adjusted

* The Underbog (heroic)
- Damage adjustments to almost all NPCs in the dungeon were made to reflect a more blizzlike state

* The Shattered Halls
- Damage adjustments to almost all NPCs in the dungeon were made to reflect a more blizzlike state (both difficulties)

Changelog weeks 19-21 (May 9 - May 29)

Reduced sell to 1 copper:
[i]item=17026 = x20, worth 50s - Wild Thornroot (Druid)
item=17038 = x20, worth 50s - Ironwood Seed (Druid)
item=17030 = x10, worth 50s - Ankh (Shaman)
item=17058 = x20, worth 1s40c - Fish Oil (Shaman)
item=17029 = x20, worth 50s - Sacred Candle (Priest)
item=17020 = x20, worth 50s - Arcane Powder (Mage)
item=5140 = x20, worth 1s20c - Flash Powder (Rogue) 

Reduced sell to 0 copper:
item=28053 = x1000, worth 20s - Wicked Arrow (Hunter)


- Lowered DMG of first boss in CoT1 (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=17848/lieutenant-drake)
=> needs to be tested


- Implemented 2nd netherwing quest again (http://www.wowhead.com/quest=10811/seek-out-neltharaku)
- Removed last netherwing quest before neutral (http://www.wowhead.com/quest=10870/ally-of-the-netherwing) => Will be added again with Tier6 / Patch 2.1 release.
- Removed L4G arena diamond from daily PvP Quests


Removed spell Brilliant Glass (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=47280/brilliant-glass) from players

Changelog week 18 (May 2 - May 8)
Hi there,

with the next restart a few bugs were fixed.

- Line of sight bug fixed for the following mobs: Ethereal Nethermancer, Dark Conclave Shadowmancer, Sunfury Nethermancer, Sunfury Conjurer
- Zangamarsh - less kicks
- Raging Colossus now spawning Raging Shardlings
- Lisaile Fireweaver - fix respawn

Quests fixed:
- Prisoner of Bladespire
- Karazhan Pre Quest - 1st, 2nd, 3rd fragment guardian won't give reputation
- Searching for Scout Jyoba

- Arcatraz - First Mob Group
- Mana tombs - Spellhinders have now 4k Hp
- Gruul - Boss dmg modified
- Karazhan - Dmg modified
- Magtheridon - Dmg modified
- Slave Pens - level 69 and 70 elite mobs changed 


- no more 2.1 recipes available
[color=#00ff00][Flying Machine], [Turbo-Charged Flying machine], [Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer],
[Tankatronic Goggles], [Powerheal 4000 Lens], [Destruction Holo-Gogs], [Deathblow X11 Goggles], [Magnified Moon Specs], [Wonderheal XT40 Shades], [Surestrike Goggles v2.0], [Gadgetstorm Goggles], [Living Replicator Specs], [Furious Gizmatic Goggles], [Justicebringer 2000 specs][/color]

[Heavy Knothide Armor Kit]

[Purified Shadow Pearl], [Purified Jaggal Pearl], [Brilliant Glass]


- no more 50badges helms available


- Engineering helms + Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer now require lvl71

- Fly hacks, etc -> People will automatically kicked when they activate it.
- Improve Anti-Cheat System

- L4G Arena Diamant - Custom item from other realm deleted
- Weapon Skill Issues - Quick and dirty fix. Will publish a better one soon

- Account Creation also create a game account again
- Increased Login tries before people get a time ban
- Forum/Website is back

We also made a lot of small changes which we won't publish.