Terms Of Use

1.1 About:
HellFireTBC is a non-commercial private PVP test server funded by staff and not an official realm of Blizzard Entertainment. With creation of an Account on HellFireTBC you accept all rules and responsibility. Announcement about changes can be found via news/forum and can be subject to change at any time.

Players who want to enjoy the whole experience of World of Warcraft can find more information at http://eu.battle.net/wow/

1.2 Account:
Up to five accounts per player are allowed in PVE without the use of third party software. Use of multi-accounts in PVP (including but not limited to PVP'ing while PVE'ing) will be punished by a ban across all accounts associated with player's IP.

For Account Security - Please do not use the same login information on this server if it has been previously used on another realm.

1.3 Account-sharing:
Sharing of account data amongst family, friends and flatmates is permitted. Trading, selling, buying and exchange of accounts remains prohibited and will result in a permanent ban for all parties involved, even the attempt will be punished with a ban. You should never share your account information/password with anyone. If you choose to do so, this is at your own risk. GMs will not restore any items/gold lost with a shared account, nor will they mediate any disputes.

1.4 Account and character rights:
There are no rights of ownership and/or value of the accounts and their characters. Any loss (even as result of a crash and/or rollback) of the character will not be refunded. These include, but not limited to: Level; XP; Gold; Items; Honor; Arena Points; Talents. Buying, selling or supplying Gold/Items/Services through third-party websites is forbidden and will result in a ban of all accounts involved.

1.5 Forbidden actions:
Forbidden actions are actions in World of Warcraft, which do not correspond with our idea or are simply wrong. The team uses a list of known problems, but are not inclusive. Use or abuse of these problems will be punished up to permanent ban. GMs will investigate any actions found to be inappropriate and take action if necessary.


2.1 Social Responsibility/Communication:
Communication between players should remain clean and polite. Foreign advertising of all kinds for other WoW-private-servers will not be tolerated. Insulting Staff or players is prohibited and will be punished at the discretion of GM, if reported. Please follow Forum Etiquette when posting within our community (in-game and forum).

Excessive begging for items , skills , spells, etc. is prohibited and will be punished at the discretion of the GM. Abuse of any Global channel (including but not limited to World, the Arena Announce chat system, etc) such as: i.e. inappropriate team name, spamming the channel, etc can result in a temporary ban.

2.2 Characters, Guilds, Arena team, Pets, Channel names:
Profanity, sexism, pornographic, abusive and racist names are forbidden. This applies to every language. Furthermore it is not allowed to mimic names of staff-members for abusive reasons. Violation of this rule results in rename, deletion of the character and/or (in heavy cases) permanent ban.

Game Masters:

3.1 Game Master:
Game Masters are voluntary supporters who assist with players on the realm and the forums in their free time. Tasks of a Gamemaster are answering questions and solving in-game problems, if possible. Ticket escalation may be required and this may take additional investigation/time.

3.2 Contact:
Game Masters are primarily contacted via the in-game ticket function. If you cannot go in-game please send them a private message via the forum or post an inquiry in the Ban Appeal section.

3.3 Behavior:
Please use Forum Etiquette when speaking with a GM. If the outcome is not to your satisfaction, please contact the Head GM via the forums. GMs have specific guidelines that are followed and act accordingly.

3.4 Item Restoration:
Item restoration is available for characters whose accounts have been compromised. Information on item restoration can be found on the forum. If your account has been compromised and your items have been restored, upon your initial login: please change your password. Item restoration can only occur once and be given to one character.

Item restoration is available for loot lost due to a server crash if there is video proof. Please upload video and submit ticket to GM.

Items are not available for restoration due to Raid Leader error. Please do NOT submit a ticket.

Exploits/Bugs/Cheats (include, but are not limited to):

4.1 Professions:
Each player may have primary and secondary professions according to Blizzard rules. If one has more professions than technically possible he will be punished with account termination

4.2 Weapons and Equipment
Each player may only carry the weapons and equipment that are approved for its class. If a player is found to be using weapons or weapon combinations (for example, dual wield or titanium handle) without the appropriate skills, this may result in a permanent ban.

4.3 Flying Mounts
Flying mounts may only be used in Outland. If a player is found to be using a flying mount and/or fly hack, this may result in a permanent ban.

4.4 Magic & Skills:
Each player may only use spell and skills, which are intended for the respective class. If a player is found to be using spells that do not belong to his class, this may result in a permanent ban.

4.5 Bugs and Cheats:
Use of any known exploit is strictly prohibited. If you find an exploit, it is expected that you will report it via the Forum, GM Ticket, and/or Bugtracker. Specifically, but not limited to: The use of any hacking software (WPE, Emuhack, Gamewiz or Bots i.e. FishBot, etc) The abuse of bugs to your or other’s advantage The abuse of game mechanics to your or other’s advantage Script commands: which interfere in the game or affect it are prohibited. These include primarily script commands for chat spamming.

4.6 Ban:
Anyone who violates any of the rules listed here may be warned, temporarily or permanently banned from the game. Before the blocking of an account there will be focus on contacting the concerning person. If this is not possible due to circumstances such as immediate logout of the person concerned, the blocking can be executed without the prior discussion with the affected player. Each player of a locked account has the opportunity to submit a ban appeal via the Forum.

We point out expressly that every account is property of HellFireTBC and so there is no claim of account ownership for any player. Therefore it's possible to terminate any account (temporarily or permanently) without stating reasons for HellFireTBC at any time.

*Please Note - Exclusion of any rule not stated above does not indicate it is permissible. Please exercise caution and good judgement as staff will continue to address situations found to be inappropriate regardless of not being listed above.

Privacy Policy

1.1 Important Information:
By signing up on this website, either in-game or through a forum sign-up, you are agreeing to allow us to send you communications through email. You will have the option to OPT OUT of the subscription through an "Unsubscribe" button at the bottom of our emails.